Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

Well hello there!  Welcome to my Victory Garden.  I am so excited to start this little blog.  Blogging is something I've been mulling over in my head for quite some time now but it never seemed to fit into my schedule.  Things have changed now (a great deal) and I have decided to focus my life more on my crafty sensibilities and see where that might take me.  The only natural thing was to share that adventure with someone, so welcome!

I've always been obsessed with making things: food, knitting, music, weird decoupaged lampshades, rugs made out of old t-shirts, you name it.  I even had a lanyard business in elementary school.  Yeah, I know.  The '90's were great, weren't they?

Nowadays I find myself gravitating toward my knitting needles more than anything else.  It has become an all-consuming entity in my life and that's okay.  Well, that's okay until our tiny apartment gets overrun with yarn and we have to start stashing it in pots and pans.  (No mother, I vow never do that, no matter how many times you tell me it is a good idea!)  I am constantly surprised and amazed at all of the interesting and revolutionary ways you can take two sticks and some string and create something...beautiful.  Practical.  Warm.  Mathematical.  And completely frivolous and ridiculous:

Yes, I knit a massive doily.  I couldn't help falling in love with the idea of knitting a giant doily.  The person who came up with this idea is genius.  (I also had the privilege of taking some sweater design classes with him.  Seriously.  Genius.)   Take a typical, dainty, knit doily pattern, chunky yarn (Cascade EcoWool), big needles (size 10 1/2), and some patience and voila!  You have created a massive doily made of sturdy wool.  Throw it over your legs when you're watching TV and that thing will keep you WARM.

While traipsing around the Ballard Locks on a damp, drippy Sunday, I found the blanket also doubles as quite a cozy little shawl/wrap...although I kept asking Jon if I looked ridiculous with a giant doily around my shoulders.  He was kind and politely replied, 'Um, no. You look warm.'  Such a dear.

The funny thing is that I've had this exact doily pattern under my nose for a few years now.  Jon (sorry, if you don't know me, he's my main man, you'll be hearing a lot about him) found a lovely vintage knitting book for me at a thrift store awhile back called The Big Book of Knitting by Isabelle Stevenson, published in 1948.  I completely forgot I owned it!  And guess what is contained within it's pages?  Yes, the Hemlock Ring Doily is there...along with some other amazing vintage knitting patterns.  Maybe someday I'll feel really industrious and tackle one of them.

Now that this little blanket is finally done and has its own special place in our living room, I can't help but giggle every time I see it.  All I can think of is a favorite movie of mine, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, and one of the many excuses given over the phone to the worrying mother who is half a world away, just wanting to speak to the (now croaked) babysitter.

"No, Mrs. Sturak's not here. She um, she went to the yarn store. Yeah, she's crocheting this massive doily for the couch!"

I did it.  I knit a massive doily for my couch.


  1. A massive doily for the couch.


    A million times, yes!

  2. You are my first and only comment. I salute you! I almost made you guys one of these for your wedding gift...but I came up with the idea about a week before your wedding, so. Yeah. Giant fire-pits are better anyway.


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