Mmm, Cupcakes

One of the amazing things that has come out of the recent and horrific earthquake storm in Haiti is the staggering amount of donations to many wonderful organizations that support and respond to disaster.  And it's not just because of celebrity-driven telethons or hip-hop artists using their fame to urge you to donate; I am proud to be part of a crafting community that has raised thousands of dollars simply through pattern sales.  Yes, pattern sales!  A handful of independent knitting and crocheting pattern designers have donated portions of their most recent pattern sales to great organizations like Medicins sans Frontiers, Oxfam, and the like.

For instance (and this blows my mind), a very inspiring and adorable independent pattern designer in Scotland, Ysolda Teague, donated $24,500 to Medicins sans Frontiers from a two week window of her pattern sales.  $24,500!!!  Simply astonishing.

What does any of this have to do with cupcakes you ask?  Well, one of the patterns I purchased in an effort to make my own contribution is aptly named Super Cupcake.  Why?  Because it looks like a cupcake of course!

And who doesn't like cupcakes?  Especially my personal favorite of all the Seattle cupcake establishments, Cupcake Royale.  (If anyone ever feels like buying me a gift, I will always accept cupcakes from Cupcake Royale.  I'm just sayin'...) 

Knit from some lovely Noro Cash Iroha I happened to have in my ample stash, this is a really cozy and versatile hat done in a squishy Shaker Rib (one of the many baffling types of Brioche stitch).  It has the perfect amount of slouch while still staying snug around the band.  I did make one modification and went down to a size 6 needle for the band rather than a size 7.  I CANNOT stand when the ribbed band of a hat is loose.  Really.  Stay. On. My. Head.

I think my Cupcake Royale Hat might be my new favorite.  Well, favorite until I make a new hat that is.  Now I gotta go find me a cupcake...

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  1. Think the dark chocolate kind with buttercream frosting that melts in your mouth from Bakesale still my heart!


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