The Eagle has Landed

Home, ah.  After a whirlwind trip down to the central coast of California and a good night's sleep in my own fleece sheet bedecked bed, I feel like a normal human being again.  I would love to share beautiful pictures of green and mustard yellow hillsides, crashing waves, vineyards just leafing out, a bottle of bubbly being sabred before my very eyes...anything really.  Except.  I couldn't fit Jon's behemoth camera and bag into my (also behemoth) purse.  That's how much stuff I feel I need to entertain me on plane rides.  Ipod, yarn (2 projects worth to be quite honest), giant headphones (earbuds just fall out of my ears, plus I require a high level of sound quality), giant wallet, giant book (John Irving, I love ya, but 900+ pages?), water bottle, notions bag.  Obviously no room for a camera. 

Therefore, I give you: 

A cameraphone picture, ridiculously over-saturated upon putting it onto my computer.  Brought to you by Technicolor.  In my defense, when I took off my sunglasses (which went directly back onto my face from sun blindness) it did actually look like that. 

On a yarny note, if you ever find yourself on the central coast of California and are in desperate need of yarn (and I mean, what yarn enthusiast isn't always in desperate need of yarn?) might I recommend Eileen's Treasures in Arroyo Grande?  They carry a great selection of well-known yarns and the staff is more than eager to help you find what you need.  I was trying to find yarn for a few specific sweater projects I have on my list, but to no avail.  After much hemming and hawing I eventually hopped onto their computer and consulted my Ravelry queue and realized they had the perfect grey yarn to purchase to make this super hip vest from Norwegian pattern and yarn company, Pickles.  If I ever get time to make something for myself again, I'll be heading straight for this project.  Mostly because I will probably end up wearing it every day...since most of my wardrobe is some shade of grey or coordinating color.

Give me a few days and I will have some actual finished items to share with you.  But for now, wherever you are, just keep looking at that Technicolor picture up there and pretend it's Summer...

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