Food and Weather Go Together

Yesterday in Seattle was, how shall I say...more than typical?  Oddly balmy.  Calm waters in the morning and unfathomably windy in the afternoon.  Dry and then wet.  And then wet again.  Trash cans careening down the street and banging about.  I kept hoping for a peal of thunder or a flicker of lightning, but I suppose it is still a bit too early for that.

In all, it was the perfect day to pull out my (still) relatively untarnished and new copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and make something delicious.  Jon and I discovered by chance that we both secretly yearn to find a first edition hiding on a shelf in a thrift store somewhere, with the chefs scribblings throughout, and wine stains or (even better) butter stains dotting the pages.  One of us is incredibly impatient sometimes so we broke down and snagged a bright and shiny new copy at Costco around Christmas.

You could say we are quite satisfied with our purchase.  Quite.  Especially since yesterday, when I pulled it off the shelf and cracked it open, smelled like butter.  New paper and butter.  I suppose we've been getting some good use out of it.  Julia Child and I have more in common than sharing a birthday: we both like cookbooks and copious amounts of butter.  (We also share Napoleon's birthday...odd combo, yet somehow apropos.)

 Julia recommends a specific dry rub (or marinade seche) as the best way to tenderize and flavor your pork before cooking.  Not only does it give the pork excellent flavor but it is a wonderful way to get out any angst or frustrations you might be experiencing; the mortar and pestle really take a beating when you're trying to grind up a dried bay leaf.

I must say, after trying the most famous and basic meat dishes of Julia's mastered French recipes, one would assume the classic roast chicken would be the automatic 'go-to' since it gets all the hype.  But, the casserole-roasted pork loin might be just a tad bit better in my book.  Especially with the recommended addition of Cream Sauce with Mustard.  Mmm-hm, CREAM sauce with MUSTARD.  How could one go wrong?

We sat down to dinner as another typical Seattle phenomenon took place: the extreme-twenty-minute-downpour-from-out-of-nowhere.  A few unimpressed 'hmms' were uttered and some delicious L'Ecole No. 41 Semillon was poured.

I think we both threatened to drink the mustard cream sauce at some point during our feast.  And then, as had the weather, we really took a turn for the absolute worst when we both threw down our utensils and licked our plates sparkling clean.

I am so not kidding.


  1. delish! I want to try it out, we are a fan of pork in this house :) -Becca

  2. Ben will be jealous of your mortar and pestle. I am jealous of your cream sauce.

  3. We decided that is all we will ever cook when we have company over, so, all of y'all just need to scoot on up here! (And Ben has free reign to play with the mortar and pestle all day long.)


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