Mitts pour moi? Oui, oui!

Something I have been knitting a lot lately are fingerless mitts for commissions.  They're all the rage and understandably so.  Especially in an area where the common argument for wearing shorts when it's merely 50 degrees out is: 'As long as my feet and my top half are warm, I can wear shorts and my legs will be fine!'  Hm.

There may be some sort of strange truth in the above statement (Jon did just email me to say he's wearing shorts today. March 1st people, March 1st!)...and I hate to admit that fingerless mitts seem to follow the same reasoning.  As long as most of your hand is warm, your fingers will be too.  And it's totally true!  I finally have proof:

I am the proud owner of a cozy pair of mitts.  I purchased this yarn from the girls at Spincycle Yarns during this past December's Urban Craft Uprising and it is so wonderful.  It's squishy and warm and there are so many colors blended in there that I can wear these with just about anything in my wardrobe.  A major plus for someone who has an eclectic wardrobe selection.


The pattern isn't anything miraculous as far as construction or intricate detailing is concerned.  But that's what I was going for with these little gems.  Simple and clean while simultaneously showing off the beautiful colors and striping effect this yarn displays once knit up. I only modified it slightly where the thumb ended-I wanted a little ribbing there to keep it I just thought it looked nicer.


I think I have become a true (and apparently very giddy) fan of the fingerless mitt...however, if anyone happens to see me wearing shorts in March can you please hit me over the head (not too hard please) and tell me to go home and change?  Thanks.


  1. I'm a fan of free fingers!! These are fantastic Anna!

  2. genius! and yes I saw someone wearing boots with shorts and thought to myself who ever said that would be okay? lol


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