My Garden Plot

Having an extensive list of beautiful, designy, crafty, creative blogs I read every morning is so inspiring.  I have a routine.  Wake up, flip open the laptop, click 'er on, make coffee...wait for coffee to finish perking before proceeding to anything else, then plop down in front of the laptop for a bit and cruise through my morning inspiration.  With coffee in hand of course.  I wake up to freshly finished knitting projects, creative crochet endeavors, rearranged rooms, gleeful chit chat on thrifty finds; all of these things get me awake and ready to craft my day away.

Though there is one thing that makes me a bit envious.  One thing I want.  One thing I see and I froth over.  One thing...the ubiquitous 'creative space'.  Yes, those gorgeous and colorfully painted antique desks overflowing with kitschy finds to inspire, vases of needles and hooks, walls of yarn, stacks of fabric, entire rooms and sheds devoted to the art of craft.  Or, craft of art.  I become something akin to a 4 year old who wants to swing on the big kid swing set but her mummy won't let her.  I. Want. That.

We live in a tiny apartment.  It has been accepted (and we've done quite a good job with maximizing all of our 625 square feet, if I do say so myself).  But there is no special room or even a tiny closet (I would totally rock a tiny closet into a crafting room) available to convert into a den of gluttonous creativity.  No, no, instead, among our video games, books, piano, and general living space, I ottoman:

Yes, I have an ottoman (which happens to be entirely full of old Nintendo games) and an old slipper chair.  It's rickety and mildly uncomfortable, especially when your computer is on the same level as your rear end.  Makes it sort of hard to type when you're leaning over at a 90 degree angle.  And I have piles of yarn and needles and that gosh darn aggravating blanket is sitting there taunting me.  All within arms reach.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Ah yes, notions bag, some odd piece of knitwear in testing phase, the required cup of coffee, tissue for my rounds of morning sneezes, the chicken scratched notebook and pencil, the ever inspiring Hemlock Ring Blanket to absentmindedly paw at when I'm pondering some strange and befuddling stitch pattern.  Yes, it is a slightly undignified 'desk'.

But.  I love it.  It makes me happy and crafty.  The hideously wonderful yellow chair makes me sit with excellent posture when I pick up my needles.  I have a stash of needles right next to me if I need to switch out to another size.  That beautiful blanket whispers, 'Oh good morning, care to knit a stitch or two while you ponder your day?'  Beams of sunlight often shine in the window.

And I get to look up and see this ever-inspiring display to remind me that hey, I do have a wonderful creative space!  I just need to look around me.  This is where my garden grows.


Now I just need to figure out something interesting to do with that horrible wall plate...any suggestions?

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