Ode to a Blanket

O, blanket of many shades, when will you be done?  I have toiled and troubled over you nigh on three years.  My hands show wear from your cottony threads.  My needles are bare where the points take strike.

O, blanket of many shades, how long until you are finished?  Your sides get longer, your knitter gets impatient. Who knows how many thousands of tiny stitches you hold?  Some fair day I will discover your magic number.

O, blanket of Pantone envy, how long must I wait?  Your reservation atop my bed will never be cancelled.  But you are running a bit late.

O, blanket of epic proportions, why do you taunt me so?  Your final photographs have already been planned; your knitter even knows what shoes she will wear.

O, insane knitter of the most beautiful blanket in the world, WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO KNIT A BLANKET THE SIZE OF A SMALL COUNTRY ON SIZE 6 NEEDLES?!


  1. So cute! But, my dear, you need to send out good thoughts to the Knitting Fairy c/o of the Blanket-Finishing Division. Put out the unfinished blanket, your beautiful yarn and those ungodly size 6 needles, (maybe a small glass of wine, too). Then crawl into bed, close your eyes, click those magic red, sparkly shoes together and repeat the magic mantra. Viola!

  2. I know, I really do need to give some sort of offering! Can my shoes be purple and suede? I have a particular pair envisioned for photographing purposes...they'll go nicely with the blue and green sides of the blanket... :)

  3. Beautiful yarn, colors, blankets, and writing! :)

  4. Lovely! What a sweet, hilarious tale!

  5. hahaha! love the ode. and i've gotten myself into similar situations in the past... "a blanket the size of a small country" lol on size 6 needles to boot! it's gonna be lovely one day.


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