Polaroid Postcard

 If I were to send you a Polaroid postcard of this past weekend's camping trip on Camano Island, it would look something like that. (Click to see a bit larger.)

We were decidedly lo-fi in our camping camera of choice.  The Polaroid was packed as well as the big heavy digital...but we never once got out the digital.  I suppose simplicity is key when camping. 

...that is...until I whip out my giant mystery crochet, a bottle of sparkling rose, and a clip on chair umbrella (it did sprinkle...for a moment).

Sit, drink, crochet, eat, crochet, drink some more.  Rinse and repeat.  Continue with this process until entire bottle of sparkling rose has been consumed.  Then stare at the fire for six hours and make up stories about how lovely it would be if your ridiculous clip on umbrella caused your camp chair to turn into a Mary Poppins-esque contraption that would float you to your tent come bedtime.  I do so love camping.

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