For the past two weeks I have been participating in an event of Olympic proportions over on Ravelry: the Ravelympics!  Yes, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I've been looking forward to the 2010 Winter Ravelympics since the day the 2008 Summer Olympics (and Ravelympics) ended.

For those readers who aren't yarn people and haven't the foggiest idea what Ravelry is, I shall enlighten you: it is sort of like a social networking site for yarn people, complete with the largest pattern database I have ever seen.  EVER.  (If any of you yarn people reading this have not yet discovered the awesomeness that is Ravelry, go there.  Now!)

During the two week duration of these Vancouver Winter Olympics I have been knitting my fingertips off.  The idea is to finish as many things as you can during the Olympics and at the end you get a medal.  Well, it's a virtual medal, but still, I'll take it!  I only have one real medal...from History Day...in sixth grade...for a theatrical performance concerning the Rosetta Stone.  Er, yeah.  That's what we non-athletic types end up with on our trophy shelves.  One pitiful medal and a lot of certificates for performances, academics, violin and piano accomplishments.  I always envied my peers who would get a trophy or a medal and shrug it off like it was just another day on the blacktop.  Le sigh.

That is why, with abundant pride, I would like to announce that I am now a 5 time Ravelympic gold medalist.  Yes, over the past two weeks I managed to complete FIVE of my works-in-progress that desperately needed to be finished.  FIVE!  Two of those projects were half complete while the other three were so close, I don't know why they've been collecting dust in my yarn basket for so long (we're talking almost two years, yipes!)

You'll see from the quality of most of these photos that it was a serious push to get a picture taken and posted in the proper place so I could get my medal on time.  In most of the cases I resorted to the lowliest of all image capturing devices...the webcam.  Now I know it is a little gauche to be posting images of (somewhat) poor quality on a lovely little blog such as this, but I think it shows you how intense the Ravelympics are.  For me at least.  It is a constant stream of knitting, seaming, weaving-in-of-ends, image capturing, posting online, and immediately moving on to the next project.  All in a matter of minutes.

Solstice Hat (Eyelet Hat from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009)

I promise I'll take clearer pictures once the sun comes back out around here and once my trusty photographer isn't at work while said sun is out.  Meaning a weekend.  In the meantime, try not to laugh at the overly-enthusiastic Ravelympian in some of those pictures.  Really.  I'm just peachy about finishing so many projects; I can actually see the bottom of my works-in-progress basket.  I even found a row counter I thought I'd lost!

Basic Toe-Up Socks for Jon (complete with Mukmuk the Vancouver Island Marmot Olympic Mascot Sidekick, good grief)

  Mister Turkey...a bit early for Thanksgiving, but that's okay

Now I can focus on slightly more important things...about which I cannot tell you.  Yet.  I don't want to unveil anything until all the puzzle pieces are in place, but soon, soon...


  1. Anna
    I'll bet it was great getting near the bottom of the projects basket. We all have them - those half finished sweaters, hats, mittens or just gauge samples. Congrats on the gold medal. Barb S put me on to your blog and I will follow with knitting envy. Pati C

  2. Anna,

    Congrats on your medals, when is the ceremony?? I love the lace wrist warmers!! On a side note, I need a summer hat...something light-weight, but cute. Basically something I can use to hide my mop on the days when I need to:) any suggestions??


  3. Thanks ladies! I already had a ceremony, I stood on the couch and waved to my living room. Pati, hello! Glad you found me. Sara...okay, let me think about that!

  4. anna :)
    i've dropped by to tell you i have on occasion had much luck at the big Goodwill in the international district. and the Sally Army near by can be rather good for knick knacks... hope this helps you find some forsaken souls of your own...
    ps. love the knits, you are knitting up a storm... i am particularly liking the slipper socks :)


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