Wanted: My Head. Large Reward.

I seem to have misplaced my head, might anyone help me find it?  Last week was a very non-productive and frustrating blur, whereas this week so many things have been accomplished and planned...I'm not sure where my head is really.  Not to mention the fact that a murder of crows has been screeching incessantly all day (for the past two days) at what I think is a juvenile hawk.  Directly out my kitchen (otherwise known as my office) window.  I may never relocate my head after all this noise...perhaps another cup of coffee will aid me.

Even with my curdled brain, I do know that I am taking an impromptu little journey to the central coast of California next weekend and I couldn't be more delighted.  Warm sunshine and skirts and dresses and sandals.  To top it all off, I will (hopefully) be attending a very special winemaker's dinner at Laetitia Vineyards in Arroyo Grande featuring my most favorite of fermented beverages, sparkling wine!  An entire dinner with only bubbles served...pure heaven.  I think a desperate plea was issued on my behalf by my father, so we're still waiting to see if they can squeeze me in to the sold out dinner.  I am relatively small...

With all of this beachiness on the brain I have been feeling rather nautical...and have pretty much already planned out my wardrobe...for a four day trip.  Sometimes I can be rather ridiculous about clothing, I guess that's why I worked in retail for the past six years, hm?  Therefore, I decided a new knit item was in order, something reflecting my nautical mood:

It's not quite done yet, but will be by the time I leave come Thursday.  It is a test piece for my super top secret project, so I am sure I will have a picture (or fifteen) of it touring around the coastal vineyards in a week or so.

Unfortunately, I could not take a completely up-to-date photograph of my mystery crochet for you, because said piece of mystery crochet is currently squirreled away in the car, but I do happen to have a lovely (and odd) Polaroid Jon took last weekend while I was cranking it out.

I told you it was odd...

This afternoon we set off for a beautiful weekend of camping on Camano Island.  Hence the mystery crochet already packed in the car; the beach is the perfect venue to veg out and crochet all day.  I think the number of people going in our group has been upped to somewhere around 20 (including dogs) so it will be a three ring circus of fun and entertainment, just the way I like it.

Our car is packed, our beef and veggie kebabs are marinating, and all I need to do is get myself ready and go get a fresh bottle of gin.  A girl can't go camping without a fresh bottle of gin to go with her crochet, it just wouldn't be ladylike.

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