And now we wait.

Business license applications have been signed, sealed, and delivered.  And now I am stuck here, in limbo, waiting for not one but two different business licenses to arrive in the post.  I can't really do anything technical until I have both of those in hand.  It's like I'm 9 years old again, jumping out of the still-moving car to check the mail after school, waiting for my pen pal in Mississippi (yes, please sing the song and spell it out, I do every time) to send me another thrilling installment of the perils of a third grader in the South.  Except now I am at home most of the day and can successfully stalk the mailman and run down to my mail box as soon as he leaves.

In the meantime, while I wait for the wonderful State of Washington and City of Seattle business licensing departments to approve my applications (they might read this you know), I have been getting quite a few things done and learning a lot in the process:
  1. I have discovered that I have quite a lot (er, no, not a lot, just...a bit) of very special yarn that would make incredible, one-of-a-kind, lightweight Summer neck kerchiefs...except I want to keep each one I make.  Le sigh.
  2. Trading in (almost all) your old compact discs results in a goldmine: you make enough to buy yourself not only a fancy new camera, but a much needed back-up hard drive.  Excellent.  But no, I did not give up my entire back catalogue of Tori Amos albums...all...45 of them.
  3. 'Getting to know your new camera' sessions are best done on epic 7 mile urban hikes.  Until you are 1 mile from home and feel like you can't take another step because you wanted to be cute and wore your Converse.  And your pinkie toes are screaming at you for a little bit more room.  Ouch.
  4. The novel Valley of the Dolls is infinitely better than the movie.  I am not quite sure how they managed to royally screw up the plot and details in the movie, but they did.
  5. Even though no one ever thought it was possible (especially me), it was decided a good idea to really, actually, definitely chop my hair off.  And I mean for real this time.  My hair is shorter than my boyfriend's.  Even you people who saw me a week ago, yeah, that's all gone.  I'm a pixie head!
  6. And lastly, starting your own business is really stressful.  Not hard, just stressful.  Even an online business.  For those of you who read this and desperately want to know when it will be open: I honestly don't know.  This is a really strange and difficult process.  I have to wait for my business licenses to show up before I can do ANYTHING...and there are a lot of things to do.  Business checking account, linked to Paypal, linked to Etsy, business liability insurance, Postal Service business account, packing materials, business cards, photo lighting, photo backdrop, etc.  Oh, and did I mention making things?  Let me correct myself, designing things.  There are actually rules about what you can make and sell.  I can't just take (for instance) the pattern for the doily blanket I made, make one up, and sell it.  No no no.  I could get in BIG trouble.  Instead, I am simultaneously designing my own lines of Summer and Fall/Winter knitwear/crochetwear and home items.  DESIGNING.  Super fun but SUPER hard at times.  Frustrating.  Aggravating.  But then, you come up with some insanely wonderful idea, make it, and voila!  You have an item to add to your collection.  

So stay tuned, I'll keep updating y'all on the ol' blog here.  I might not have any finished items to share for awhile, because everything I'm working on will be for the Etsy shop...and I want to keep those things under wraps until I am ready to launch.  I am amassing quite a stack of really lovely Summer kerchiefs here though...I must resist the temptation to wear them!

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  1. Re: #3...forget the cuteness factor next time. Go for comfort!


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