California, I'm Coming Home

Blazing through the Central Valley of California is always a lesson in patience.  When I tell people where I'm from, they tend to say 'Oh, it's really flat and ugly there isn't it?'  Au contraire my good people.  It is a lesson in clouds and grass.  Crops and fields.  Puffy clouds and distant foothills.  Hawks and egrets.  Giant flocks of blackbirds create mobile, airborne art as they float and transform over a crop of cotton.
If you look closely, you might see an aging barn, waiting for the next gust of wind to shake it to its bones.  You might see an old road, overgrown with dandelions, cracked yellow paint showing the cars where to go, off to the side of the big shiny new highway.
Once you find all the grapevines and all the eucalyptus, you know you've reached the end of the road. 
Once you see the not-so-secret rock at the edge of the ocean, you know you've found where you're going.
 Don't get out of the car, your toes might become lunch.
Although staying in the car may prove to be just as dangerous.  Sorry buddy, no fish 'n chips for you.
My, you certainly are quite the regal seagull.
All the kitschy cars are rolling into town and here I am perched in a sunny coffee shop window watching them all go by.  That one up there happens to be my favorite.  Restored by my uncle's own two hands.  Pretty nifty, don't you think?  My other uncle is arriving in a Batmobile.  How wonderfully macabre. 

 There is a very telling song playing on the hi-fi at the coffee shop right now.  If you're a Joni Mitchell fan (which I sort of am), then you'll understand the title of this post.  I happen to be supremely creeped out: three California-themed songs have just played all in a row...

No yarn in this update, but a lot has been accomplished while I wait (with decreasing patience) for the second business license to arrive in the post.  Maybe I'll actually get around to taking a picture of some of that yarn action sometime, huh?

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