Lost in Seattleland

She got the funny feeling those horses might hop off and start singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at any moment...tally ho!
My my, who knew tornadoes have feet?  No wonder they tend to be so evasive...did she land in Munchkinland?
She thought she had stumbled into Alice's Wonderland, looking up at the giant mushroom in the sky.  She swore a caterpillar with a hookah was going to come sliding over the edge of the blue blob, urging her to take a nibble and start chasing a white rabbit...
Oh, why, hello!  Where did you come from?  Have you by chance seen the white rabbit?
Oh dear.  And now you're disappearing!  I think perhaps she did fall down a rabbit hole...


  1. I love the colors you're getting with the new camera. Great job!

  2. The picture of the Space Needle with corner of the EMP is stunning!


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