Mystery Crochet Friday

It is Friday; it is raining cats and dogs and ponies and llamas; it is time for a kitschy and bright mystery crochet update.  Although this time I have a different mysterious item to share with you; this time I will actually tell you all what it is, rather than be cryptic and post a vague picture.  Now that you all know I am diligently working on lots and lots of different items to potentially sell in my upcoming Etsy shop, I can actually show you some of what I'm working on.

I have this idea in my head that it is always cold in all parts of the world year round...probably because I like cold weather and I like to wrap myself in cozy things.  I am partial to sweaters rather than sundresses.  I'll (pretend to) be happy during Seattle's short Summers of warm weather and minimal rain.  (Okay, yes, I do like Summer, but would really like an air conditioner if it's going to be 103+ again in Seattle this Summer, thanks.)  I just get so excited when the first crisp, cool breeze floats through the neighborhood at the end of Summer, reminding me that oh yes, cold weather is coming...  It means I get to break out the super warm and chunky hand knits and think of nothing else until June.

One thing I need tattooed on my hand: It is NOT cold in all parts of the world all of the time.

Which is why I have been playing around with the idea of a little portion of my Etsy shop to be centered around kitschy baby and home items.  Little crocheted ripple blankets in bright, punchy colors for the pram or carseat.  Funky little granny square garlands to put in the nursery.  Or anywhere in one's house, really.  I just think one would be SO cute in a baby's room!  Or on a holiday tree.  The foot of the bed.  On your shower curtain rings...I could go on.  Squishy floor poufs in crazy striped and textured patterns. 
The problem is that I just don't see how any of that fits together with my uber-chunky (and rather warm, might I add) knit accessories a la yesterday's post.  I'll need to work on that...

So for now, I am making a decidedly oceanic pram blanket as a commission for a little surf baby who is arriving soon.  It is a bit of a test blanket for the Etsy shop, but is turning out to be a masterpiece!  It reminds me of undulating ocean waves on a breezy day, which makes me so gosh darned happy.  I am making this one in washable, stressed-out-parent-who-has-no-time-to-hand-wash-anything friendly acrylic.  Meaning: it can be machine washed AND dried, plus it is still cozy and soft.  Oh, and acrylic doesn't hold in allergens like wool and cotton, so anyone worried about baby having allergies: acrylic happens to by hypoallergenic.  Who knew?  It measures 25" by 25", which is the perfect size for cuddling around a little one going for a car ride or an evening jaunt in the pram with the parental units.

If I were a baby, I would totally want this on my lap.


  1. This is so beautiful and looks so cozy!!! You are a very talented (and lovely) lady.

  2. Oh goodness, Miss Sara, you are TOO kind!


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