Secret secret. I've got a secret.

Very exciting things are happening around here and I've been keeping a few secrets for awhile...I think I am finally at a point where I can share.  I'll just cut to the chase.  Drumroll please:

I have decided to open an Etsy shop!

Complete with cozy hand knit and crocheted things that I have decided I would like to wear or have in my home.  And oddly enough, as I've been wearing a few of my prototypes around town and on airplanes, other people have decided they would like to wear them, too!  That bodes well for a nervous little Nellie like myself.

Awhile back I gave you readers a few hints of close-up images of stitches and piles of yarn and such, but I finally have a couple of finished things I can share with you, and I am just so darned pleased with them!  The lighting yesterday was very undecided and the model was very cranky with the sun going in and out of her eyes, but I think you can get the general idea...

It is all still a very young idea and I have only now begun working on the technical aspects of starting and running an online business.  Thankfully, Etsy is quite easy to use (both for the seller and the purchaser!) and I have books galore from friends and the library that will walk me through the process of starting up.  It also helps that I have managed two different brick and mortar shops in the past 6 years; I already know a lot of this process.  Having helped both shops start and maintain their successful online presence leaves me feeling quite confident I can make an honest go of it!

Eventually I am hoping I naturally progress into serious pattern writing, born of my desire to create things I see on others or on the runway, or just things I have floating in my head that I want to wear.  But, that is not something one can just sit down and do in a day.  I need to get more 'free-form' knitting under my belt and extricate myself from the ever present crutch of always following a pattern.  That is why I've been locked in my tower overlooking the Sound, playing with sticks and string all day, creating a few humble accessories I think I might like to wear.

Jon comes home and sometimes I have something knit, sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I sadly look up and sheepishly say, 'Can you help me unwind this...?'  Luckily he doesn't try and talk me out of it.  He knows by now that if I am utterly unsatisfied with something I will immediately rip it out, no questions asked.  Get it out of my face and let's move on!

So, there is my little announcement.  Things like business licenses (scary!) and an in-apartment photo studio need to be taken care of.  No promises as to when my shop will be up and running.  There are promises that someone out there somewhere will like the things I make and want to buy them (oh please, oh please!)...since I have already had about 10 random strangers stop and ask me what I'm wearing and where they can get one.  I am not normally one to toot my own horn so loudly, but...I. AM. JUST. SO. EXCITED. !!!!!!!

Oh, and ten points if you can tell me where today's posting title comes from...tee hee.


  1. And thanks to you this song has been stuck in my head all day, Mr. Roboto!

  2. P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics/your hair/your yarns.

  3. Thanks for always being my only commenter. :/ At least I have one die hard fan! Haha! Good job on the song title, it was stuck in my head all day, too!


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