Shove Off

 That's what we said to any and all responsibilities this weekend.
 No need to make any arrangements.  No need to get anything done.  Go ahead, leave the dishes in the sink until Sunday evening.
What shall we do?  Let's go look at planes!  Okay.  Let's also get a little more acquainted with our new camera while we're at it...oops.
Much better.  Now what?  Let's sit in the car and eat our banh mi sandwiches and wax cosmic on the evolution of air travel while we wait for more planes.  Okay.
Ooh, oh, oh, look!  That giant new 747 that took off is coming back!  Oh crap.  It's...COMING BACK!  Aaaaaaaah!
Phew, that was close!  I'll be shoving off on one of those high flying contraptions (albeit much smaller) tomorrow morning.  Off for a week to sunny California.  I'll try and update while I'm there, as a new camera + a drive from the valley to the coast + a classic car show = prime picture taking.  Oh, and prime knitting time!  Personal knitting to boot.  Huh, haven't done that in awhile.  I'm taking along all necessary materials to start a Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West.  I've had the yarn wound for at least a month now and am rather glad to take a small break from Etsy shop knitting and crocheting, to make myself a new pretty.  Speaking of: the stack of Summer kerchiefs for the Etsy shop is growing.  They're all so vibrant and colorful and fun; I do hope you all will think so, too! 

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