Tres Simple

Friday!  Mystery Crochet Update time: I worked on the mysterious item above quite a bit last weekend and it is now big enough that I can spread it out and walk on it.  Which I am obviously demonstrating in the above picture...since it's a bit wonky and blurry here and there.  No, it's not a rug!  Although it would make quite a lovely and squishy bath mat for one's 

In other news, I have had an incredibly productive week on the Etsy store progress.  More research into business licenses (namely, the proper type for me to acquire), a snappy set of photo lighting arrived in the post (squee!), and the most important of all...a very successful design was accomplished and is being tested out as I type!  And another is in the works and might be finished today.  Hence the leaning tower of monochromatic yarn.  My dusty crochet hooks have been getting quite a lot of exercise in this week...

I have all these grandiose ideas for crazy scarves and kerchiefs and geometrically challenging pieces I could make.  And that quite frankly won't do right now.  I've been dialing my brain back a few notches and simply thinking about Summer and simplicity.  And I think it's been working...I can't wait to show you all what I've come up with once I have just an eensy bit more to share!

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