I have the best boyfriend ever: I came home last week to this new gem sitting atop the icebox.  It doesn't have a lid, but it's not every day you walk into a thrift store to find a genuine piece of Pyrex sporting all the signs of the zodiac, so who cares about a lid!?  Seeing it needed a little reminder that it was once a shiny green thing, I rubbed a little mineral oil on it to restore some color and shine...which I've never tried before.  I let it sit for a few hours then smudged it off with a paper towel.  I'm not sure if washing will melt the oil away and the green will go back to it's previously dull state or if it will actually soak in and refresh it...we'll see.  For now the casserole is just a little greasy but oh-so-green.

Upon closer inspection of this photo I am realizing that all three items atop my icebox have been scouted out by my thrifty man.  I wonder if 'professional thrifter' is a legitimate job description...? 


  1. I wish I could actually make a living by thrifting! Although I'm sure we'd end up with some pretty weird stuff :)

  2. Hmm, interesting. Yesterday on our Mother's Day ramble down to Santa Cruz we listened to our local NPR station. They asked adult children what the most important economic lesson their moms had taught them. Wonder what Jonathan's is?!


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