Happy Thoughts

Juicy strawberries and bright lemons littering my kitchen counter.
Being THAT much closer to an end result.
Taking a the time to make something for me and me only once in awhile.  And then freaking the neighbors out when I traipse around the back parking lot looking for interesting ways to photograph knitwear.
Early Saturday morning brunch dates with the boy to delicious new foraged and found restaurants, to stuff yourself silly before embarking on a highly successful day of thrifting.
Acquiring a lovely new (pink!) addition to the ever expanding vintage Pyrex collection on aforementioned Saturday thrifting excursion.  'We just have to get it, we certainly don't have a pink bowl yet...and look, we can rescue it from it's poor neglected state and bring it back to life.  Yes?  Yes.'
Visiting your most favorite of four-legged friends who you miss seeing on a regular basis.  But he is always just as happy to see you every time you pay him a visit.


  1. Awww! The Wonder Doodle, front and center for his cameo appearance on the Victory Garden Yarn & Curiosities website!!! Gotta love that Henry and his fuzzy face!

  2. Love the vintage Pyrex collection- if I had the space, I would follow suit!

  3. Your strawberries look delicious! And it's good that you're knitting something for yourself. Selfish knitting is the best.

  4. omg this totally sounds like my kind of PERFECT day!

  5. Thanks for all the love, ladies! :) Sometimes it's good to take stock of all the happy little things in your life.


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