Hey! Hoh! Let's Go!

Warning! Warning! This post is very picture heavy! Which is a good thing if you ask me...

It was decided that a trip was in order.  Not just any trip, but a trip to a strange and magical place.  A trip to the rainforest...
First you get on a ferry...
Then you make a quick stop at a place you did not know existed...yet fate pushed your car into the little town of Port Gamble and made you park right in front of it.  And of course you spend an hour walking around in circles touching the same five hanks of yarn and mumbling, 'Oh my gosh...it's all so...it's just...I don't know...which one do I pick?'
You make a new friend.  But she seems to prefer her downy bed of fleece in front of the fireplace and the company of her rubber chicken over you and your mumbling ways.
After full composure is regained and a small purchase is made (YES! New yarn! YES!) you find yourself in a most peculiar museum...which you promptly leave because you're more than just a little confused.
...I think we're getting closer...
Oh thank goodness we're here, I haven't driven through rain that hard since driving home from college between Arcata and Ukiah, where it always rained, on that other much-removed stretch of highway 101.  It's a good thing I have practice.
Well hello there Bambi.  I don't think you'll fit in our tent, but you can hang out, we don't bite.
Ah, sunshine after the rain makes everything glisten.
I don't think I've ever donned so much rain gear in my life.  Camping tip: if you're like me and don't want to wear your hiking shoes all day long when you're car camping, might I suggest a lovely pair of Birkenstock gardening clogs as your official camp shoes?  You don't have to sit down and untie anything when you're getting in and out of your tent, they'll keep your feet warm and dry as long as you wear a cozy pair of socks (hand knit is always best), and you can hose those suckers off when you get home.  Bonus points if you inadvertently match them to your rain jacket.
David the Gnome, is that you?!
Yes, it really does look like that.  I'd like to bring a Pantone expert out to document every shade of green that exists in this forest.  I'm not sure it could be done...
I get the strangest feeling these trees are going to start talking and moving their arms at any moment...don't you?
 Did we just find The Last Unicorn?
Ah, time to relax with a little food and drink at the campsite...because we're just doing to do it all again tomorrow!  After a 9 mile hike through the rain forest the next day (it was too rainy and drippy so the camera did not come out of my pack) and more delicious leftover 'Hate to Cook Chili' for dinner that night, we conked out in our tent quite early in the evening, only to wake up mere hours later to extreme pelting rain...all...night...long.  It is the rain forest.  The next morning at the ungodly hour of 6am I awoke to realize that I am deathly allergic to something that lives in the rain forest and my ears and throat were searing with pain.  So I was propped up in the car with my giant down jacket and a blanket while my main man packed up camp.

I guess that means I'll never be going back, but I had fun while it lasted.

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