Much Overdue

 I made my dear sweet mum a scrappy tea cozy for her adorable Brown Betty tea pot, way back in December.  In my crazed haze of packing my bags to go home for Christmas/10 year high school reunion, I totally forgot to take any pictures of it.  (I was a bit stressed out, okay?)  And then of course, we didn't even bring our camera with us when we went home, so I still didn't have any pictures of it.  Typical.  So now, it's what, May?  And I finally took a picture of it on my last trip home.

In between some light gardening:
And screeching at my mom to pull her giant car over rightnow so I could take a picture of my absolute most favorite sign anywhere, ever, hands down, end of story:
 I remembered to take a picture of the tea cozy:
The pattern is from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge Island (my favorite!) and although the pattern is not available on their website, I'm sure anyone interested could call and snag one.  I love the wonky little ruffle around the bottom, and I modified the top (which calls for twirly leaves, meh) so it just looks like a little sprout coming out of the lid.

If it had not been 85 degrees out, I may actually have sat down and enjoyed a cuppa.  But hot tea isn't exactly the most desired thing at that temperature.  A dip in the pool was sounding a bit more enticing...  

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