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There is an awful lot going on around here lately:  Taking pictures.  New food creations.  Editing pictures.  Taking more pictures.  Watching the World Cup.  (Go Portugal!)  Making things.  Creating things.  Tearing my hair out and contemplating what I could crochet out of it.  Organizing finished products.  Editing more pictures.  (Honestly, after looking at myself 1,800 times in a row?  I have the urge to cover up all shiny surfaces just so I can take a break from my face.)

So, today you get a picture of Pyrex (what else is new?!) and some tasty carrots and daikon getting ready to be quickly (and deliciously) pickled.  More on that next week, because really, I must share this with you all.  It is simply scrumptious and it would be cruel to keep this one to myself.

But I'm having a Miss Scarlett moment (lots of those lately) and I don't want to think about that right now.  I'll just think about that tomorrow.

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