The Motherlode

Two Fridays ago, Mister Man and I sat down and decided what we should do for our weekend.  It went a little something like this:

Him: We should wake up early tomorrow and hit up a neighborhood-wide garage sale.
Me: This is only happening if there will be coffee ready and in a travel mug when I wake up.  
Him: Deal.
Me: Hey, it's 6 o'clock on a Friday evening.  We don't have plans.  Let's go thrifting.
Him: What?  Seriously?  You are the most perfect woman ever.

Well, I said it went something like that...
Fast forward through our light thrifting (salt and pepper shakers, a bowl, and a casserole) and delicious Chinese food, to Saturday morning around 10am:

Me: Okay, really?!  Those were the WORST garage sales EVER.  We went to no less than 35 houses in ONE HOUR and purchased one tiny thing we didn't need.  35 houses who put out one tiny table each with the junkiest junk I've ever seen.  Awful.
Him: I know.  I am sorry.  You are now extremely cranky and very hungry.  You are no longer the perfect woman and have turned into a frightening creature with scary can I make this better?  Redemption is necessary.  Where can such sweet redemption be found?

Me: Snohomish, Washington.  We are going.  Now.

Snohomish consists of store upon store crammed full of wonderful antiques.  The entire town is literally one big antique store.  Which means: PYREX.  I have never seen so much Pyrex in one day.  Or so many antiques in one day for that matter.  Really good antiques.  The thing with antique stores and Pyrex is that the dealers know Pyrex is highly collectible so they charge quite a bit more than I am willing to spend on it.  With a few exceptions...
Holiday Pyrex.  The piece de resistance.  If there is something I cannot resist, it is the combination of something I already love, but in glorious Holiday form.  It is my dream to walk into a thrift store and find a piece gleaming in the fluorescent light, with a $4 price tag, wishing me a Merry Christmas...but I'm not getting my hopes up: you don't see these every day.  I was sifting through old postcards in a particular store while Jon did Pyrex reconnaissance and he found an entire corner stuffed, stacked, and piled high with Pyrex.  I had to carefully lower myself down onto the floor and stand on my head just to get at most of it...but it was totally worth it because I unearthed two shiny and bright Holiday pieces (at a cool 20% off).
You can even still see the pine cone motif on the casserole lid.
So after all of that, one would think we would be done for awhile, yes?  Wrong.  This past weekend proved to be a most excellent thrifting weekend.  We even visited a new (to us) thrift store where 4 of those 5 items up above came from...and I'm not telling where! 

Now, where to put it all...?


  1. LOVE PYREX!!! Great collection!

  2. Found you via the Flickr and I will say again that your red bowl is now my Holy Grail of yard sale wishdom.


  3. What better way to spend the 4th of July than drinking out of those "eagle" cups. How patriotic is that!


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