Oh boy, y'all have given me such good name suggestions for this here cowl concoction!  Don't forget, the naming contest is over tomorrow, Wednesday, June 23rd, at NOON!  Just leave me a comment with your ideas on what to name this puppy (and your name and email) and if I pick your idea you will get 10% off your first order with me over at Etsy!  (See the post below for more details and peek at the comments to see what others have suggested, so good!)
As you can see, we had a bit of a photo shoot this past weekend.  Some of the pictures had weird and funky, 'Anna looks as if she is wearing entirely too much makeup' lighting; and then we had lovely and normal, 'Anna likes to put her hand on her head and be serious' lighting.  But all of that is hard to know until you look at them all on a computer.

So yes.  That is my task for today: sift through 1,000 pictures of my face, which gets really old REALLY fast!  Delete cake-like makeup faces and keep normal ghost faces, rinse and repeat.  Yes, normal=ghost, I am pale.  Saturday was the darkest day in Seattle since something like February.  That might explain it...

Actually, if boyfriend tells me the light reading on my camera is hard because I'm so pale one more time...well...I'm not making him that fruit cobbler I promised.  It cannot be helped!


  1. I love the cowls! Boy do I know those light meter woes.

  2. Pale is beautiful! Embrace it, lady! : )


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