An Oops, an Uh-oh, and a Request

An Uh-oh: I woke up yesterday morning with a very sore right hand...I think I may know why...
An Oops: Due to said sore right hand, no knitting or crocheting was in the cards for me I went thrifting.  Oops.  More Pyrex.  Oops.
A Request: See those super cool things up there?  Those are for the Etsy shop!  Yes, yes (!) I have actually been working on it, even though I've been distracting you all with stories and pictures about Pyrex.

So.  What are all of those things, you ask?  I made one for myself months ago and have been road testing and perfecting the little design and boy oh boy is it cool!  It falls somewhere between a cowl and a long circular scarf, as you wrap it around your neck twice to get it all close and cozy.  Imagine being able to loop lofty ropes of yummy yarn around your any color of the rainbow you might want.  But it's functional and warm!

It has great texture, reminiscent of ropes on a ship...but it also reminds me of big bunches of necklaces worn together to make a statement.  I think that's why I like it: it is a bit of a statement.  Not quite jewelry but not quite a cowl.  It's the kind of thing you can wear all day in comfort, be it the dead of Winter with a big jacket or in the middle of Summer in a freezing cold, air conditioned office.  No pesky ends to constantly readjust, no fringe to get stuck on anything.  Basically, my ideal neckwear.

I find myself calling it a cowl, although one could refer to it as a 'loopy scarf' if they wanted to.  The only problem is I'm not quite sure I have thought of a really catchy name for it.  In my head I call it the 'ropey cowl' but that doesn't really have much of a ring to it.
That's me testing one out way back in March.  You get the idea.

This is where you come in: I need help thinking of a name!!!  Any ideas my good people?  Leave me some ideas in a comment for this post, and if I pick your idea you will get 10% off your first order with me over on Etsy!  The contest is over as of next Wednesday, June 23rd at NOON, because, well, we're photographing these babies tomorrow and I'm hoping to be live by late next week!  Just check back next Wednesday and I will announce the winner and the winning name!  Just make sure to leave not only your name in the comment, but your email address so I can alert you if you've won.



  1. Maritime cowl?

    Nautical Necklace?

  2. and one more... Cable Cowl?

  3. Here's my 2 cents worth...
    Admiralty Cowl

    Skipjack Cowl/Scarf

    Lanyard Cowl/Scarf

    Midshipman Cowl

    Azimuth Cowl/Scarf

  4. OMG, I love these. I need one. Fingers crossed that you will have some when I FINALLY get paid on June 29th. What a talented, creative lady you are!

  5. how do I compete with those fantastic names already suggested? here is my suggestion:

    le capot métallique (the rope cowl)


  6. scratch that...i think it is:

    le capot corde

    (fyi...outlook translator is not reliable) you get my drift...right:) unless you use metal yarn? maybe you do...

  7. How about:


    ...or Frommet (fashion + grommet)


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