Wow, I just can't tell you all enough: those were some seriously awesome name suggestions for my humble cowl!  I've been trying and trying to figure out a snappy name for it, but my poor brain has been too consumed with yarn and hooks and needles and setting up shop that it just couldn't eke out any more juice to think of something as simple as a name.  It's been driving me nuts, in fact!
So, with my tongue a'rolling and my feet a'tapping I give you a drumroll and a name:

The Skipjack!

The winner is none other than Barbara...who happens to be the boyfriend's mom, how about that!  I like it; it's clean, has a nice crisp sound, and even the letters are nice and pretty.  Yes, I even took that into consideration...how bizarre is that, right?  Can't have an ugly word representing a pretty cowl!  Barbara followed the maritime theme, as a Skipjack is a type of sailboat used for oyster dredging on the Chesapeake Bay.  You really do learn something new everyday...thank you Barbara!

I received SO many other grand suggestions that I'm just going to whip out my little notebook and write them all down for future reference.  Only because if I know myself at all, I know that I will surely run into this little problematic pickle again.

For those of you who inquired about my inventory on The Skipjack (oh, I really do love that!), I intend to always have these in stock, in all 15 colors, so don't worry about me running out.  I am going to try in earnest to always have a couple of these around.

Now that we have that little issue covered and complete, I'll just have to reveal the next little group of items going into the shop...but I think I'll save that for tomorrow.  Wink, wink.

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