At Week's End

Two Beers
Go share a pint (or two) with happy, sunny people.

Deep Fried Bacon
Reconvene elsewhere for deep fried, beer battered bacon.  (Yes, you read that correctly. Deep fried bacon.)

Sunset en Blanc
Watch the sun set and the moon rise, wave good night to the mountain.

Don't forget to eat dessert!

Lose your head and decide that it would be a good thing to spend the weekend exploring every major thrift store in the greater Seattle area...and buy some Pyrex...ooops.

Will you please excuse me?  I need to go rearrange my kitchen.  Again.

1 comment:

  1. Deep fried bacon, didn't know such a thing existed! Don't tell my hubby or I will never see him again lol. I have a love for pyrex too!


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