Cryptic Crochet

Cryptic Crochet

Soooo, I've been working on something.  Something I think is pretty much really super duper awesome and mind-blowing, in a nutshell.  Something you can hang on your wall.  Something that is really (squeak!) fun for me to make.  Something on which I get to use every possible color of the rainbow.  Something I want to make hundreds of and pretend I'm going to sell in my Etsy shop...but then decide that's just silly, why would I want to share them, and then use them to cover every possible quarter inch of wall space I may have available.  Something I would then decide the world needs to experience and would happily put in my Etsy shop for all to enjoy.  Something I can't quite reveal to you yet because I don't want to spoil the surprise...

Did I mention I was obsessed with these?  Oh.  Yeah.  I guess I did.

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