That's right.  I found a 'Dots' Pyrex bowl!  Boyfriend is off galavanting in the woods this weekend, fishing and being generally manly and I was forced to make a 'no-thrifting-while-he's-gone' vow.  I seem to have broken it.  My excuse, er, reason, for going: my left hand is quite sore from all of this super-top-secret crocheting I've been doing, and I really just had nothing else to do today.  Honest...

Now that I think about it, I vaguely remember him saying he wouldn't really be mad if I broke the 'no-thrift' vow...but I was half asleep and quite foggy when he left this morning.  Hm.

Who cares?  I found DOTS!

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  1. Oh I super jealous! I could never make a promise like that - when I tell me hubby I am going to the flea markets in the morning or to the thrift store he says ok see you next tuesday lol


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