How I Spent my Summer Vacation

...well, the 4th of July part of it at least.

Welcome to Concrete
Follow the road lined with foxgloves, power lines, and berry stands.

All-American Dinner
Eat an appropriately All-American dinner at camp.

Eat an appropriately All-American breakfast the next morning to fuel your hike.

Fork in the Trail
Find your breadcrumbs to drop on the way up, so you remember where to go on the way down...

Diablo Lake...
Try not to fall into the cavernous gorge below when you stop to wave at the travelers traversing the highway across the way.

On the Trail
Again, try to keep your feet firmly planted on the trail while you gaze at the peaks above.

And More Mosses
Pause to view the mosses...

...and then pause again.

The View from the Trail
Be glad you decided to do an easy trail at a low elevation...because things are looking a bit hairy up high.

More Friends on the Trail
Make a new friend along the trail.

Friends on the Trail
Say hi to the trees along the way.

Anna in a Turbine
Pause to pose.

Poke around in the Gorge...

Gorge Waterfall
...and find a hidden waterfall behind it!

Rainy Lake
Find a hidden glacial lake and attempt to pick your jaw up off the ground because you had no idea this was located only one half of a mile from the parking lot.

Pizza, camping?
Go back to camp, laugh at someone's leftover storage snafu (it helps if there is actually ice in your mini cooler designated for smelly leftovers...ooops) and then remember you packed leftover pizza and extra breakfast food. Best 4th of July dinner ever!

North Cascades National Park
Don't forget to take a picture in front of the sign on your way out for the collection! (Please ignore all crustiness...we needed showers somethin' fierce!)

SO cute!
Stop at the cutest farm stand ever and pick up fresh strawberries to make...

Fresh Skagit Strawberry Pie
...this when you get home. You know you're jealous.


  1. I love everything about this! And I feel like I've done that hike.

  2. The first hike was down pretty low around Diablo Lake, and then the second mini hike was where we found the beautiful lake, by Rainy amazing!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! But how come we didn't get a call to come help you eat all of that scrumptious strawberry pie? You must have misplaced our number...

  4. love, love your pause to pose picture... and that waterful. stunning! just stunning!

  5. Thanks! Boyfriend showed me how to properly capture soft, running water with my camera, hehe. Now all I want to shoot are waterfalls. :)


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