Let's Talk About Kerchiefs, Shall We?

Kerchief No. 1
Kerchief No. 1 
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Yes, let's!  In the shop right now I have a really special collection of crocheted kerchiefs, crafted by my own two hands of course.  Each kerchief is completely different from the next and I won't be making any of them again.  Why?  Because I dipped into my personal stash of extra special lightweight yarn, most of which were hand-dyed by only one or two people from a teeny tiny independent company, somewhere out there.

A lot of these yarns were picked up on my travels around the West (I don't get out East...ever...I should change that) on various road trips or mini excursions the boyfriend and I go on.  Some of them I even picked up at fiber fairs or farms here and there in the area.  Which means that I have actually met the people who have hand dyed the hanks of yarn I used to make these kerchiefs!

Kerchief No. 10

Most of the kerchiefs are a blend of wool and nylon (it gives a little elasticity and shine, pretty nifty) but some of them have fibers like Tencel or bamboo blended in to give extra softness and drape.  Some have crazy color changes with (seemingly) no pattern to where the colors end up, until you lay it flat and look at it with blurred eyes...then it's there; others are what I refer to as 'shaded solids' and have many different shades of one color, all mixed in and dotted around here and there.

I think what I like the most about the kerchiefs is that they are versatile.  I tried to take as many pictures as I could with all the ways you can wear them, but Etsy only lets me put up 5 pictures of each item, so I shall elaborate here with words.  You can tie the ends in the back with the bulk of the kerchief up front.  You can wrap it around your neck all cozy and close for warmth, and tuck it into a jacket or cardigan (I do this a lot with some of mine!).  You can wrap it around your head and pretend you're in a vintage convertible, careening down a twisty road along a shore.  With big sunglasses, naturally.  You can wear it to the side.  Pin it in the front and wear it like a shawl in the back.  So many options!  I probably haven't even thought of them all yet.

Kerchief No. 7

Since each hank of yarn is different, each kerchief is a different size and weight.  Some of these are big!  They all range between 3oz and 5oz in weight, which I have listed in the details for each kerchief in the Etsy shop.  The neat thing is that since their actual weight is so light, you can comfortably wear them certain ways when it's warm out, if you just want to accessorize.  But if it's cold?  Well, you have wool...which holds in your body heat oh-so-well, which is when I recommend wrapping that puppy tightly around your neck and artfully tucking it into your jacket.  You'll be surprised at how warm it can keep you.

I still have more I'm working on so if you don't see a color you like in the shop now, wait a bit longer and I might have just the one for you!  I can also be contacted directly (click on my profile on the blog here, and then you can see my contact email) if you want to know what I'm working on in the way of kerchiefs and such.

Kerchief No. 4

There is a lot of 'such' being worked on right now...reworking a few uber cozy knit designs I've shared with you before, so they're that much better; and giving my poor, coddled brain a run for it's money and testing out my more free-form crochet skills.  I think it's working out, I just might start slurring my words what with all the numbers and stitches flying through my head at any given moment.

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