Summer Reading: I Have Me a Stack

I'm not really sure how I amass stacks of books that are partially read...I'm generally the type of person who finishes one book and immediately starts up on another. But I have found that Summer is oftentimes when I discover hidden tomes, half read and dusty, tossed onto some neglected corner shelf, waiting patiently for me to unearth them and jump back into their crisp pages. Their only competition is the random selection of books I find waiting for me at the library, or those I have been waiting for since I was position number 1,516 on the hold list. Those do get priority.

Summer Reading

I poked around in my baskets and on my shelves (I have special shelves reserved for unread books, yes, yes I do) this morning and found all the books with bent bookmarks sticking out of them, like little flags of surrender waving at me in the dusty breeze.  I rescued them and put them in a pile with my shiny library books and realized some of these have been sitting here for more than a year...dare I say more than two?!

So I have a made a Summertime vow: I will finish all six of these books by the end of Summer.  (Okay, maybe not Cadillac Desert, that is one BURLY book about drought in the West...but so fascinating...)

Which means I am going to find out:
  • What happens to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, which I have been waiting to do for quite some time now (hold number 1,516: I am patience incarnate).  It was due back to the library yesterday so I best get on that task.
  • Why the author of Julie & Julia is now obsessed with meat and Cleaving.  It was at the library last night, on the new bookshelf...I simply had to grab it.
  • Who is, really, John Irving's tragic and slightly confused main character in Until I Find You...and where in the heck is the person he's trying to find?  This is one of the heaviest paperbacks, with the tiniest type.  But so engrossing!
  • What happens (in my opinion) in a very slow moving book about The God of Small Things, which is highly appropriate for Summertime reading, as it takes place in a very hot and sweaty 1960's India.  I really want to like this book more, but how can I when it puts me to sleep?  I guess I'm just not that into you, little book.
  • Why Pigeons have such a strange mystique about them.  Don't believe me?  Read the book.  Totally interesting.
  • Why, when it rains in California, I get irate at the people who have the audacity to complain about it.  Desert.  YOU LIVE IN A DESERT.  A Cadillac Desert, that is.
What's on your Summer reading list?  Do tell!


    1. what do you think of 'the girl who series...' i've been interested to read them but was hoping to hear from someone what they thought.

      i'm reading 'little bee' by chris cleave. almost done and i LOVE it!

    2. I'm not familiar with 'little bee' but now I shall go look it up!

      I have to say, I'm not usually one for the bestseller list, but I found the first in 'The Girl Who...' series at my local used store and even though it was a bit tedious at first...I'm kinda hooked! And almost done with the last installment, whew!


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