Doe Bay (Birthday) Fest

Ferry Fog
It started out soupy.

Can I Move Here?
But that didn't last long...

Beetle Bailey
I found a shiny friend.

Back at the Campsite
I lived up to my word: contraband gin and knitting.

Hey Marseilles
Ever heard of Hey Marseilles? You could have played frisbee with them if you wanted.

Make way for the 4-man, 1-song, 2-hour wandering band. (Really, where did these guys come from?)

Tito Ramsey
Discover some new music.

Shelby Earl
Listen to a little bit more...

Sun Drenched
Soak up some sun.

The Black Whales
Listen to even more new music (I'm always so behind in my new music discovery...)

Shake it!  Come on, shake it!
Shake it! Come on, shake it! Shake it like a Polaroid picture! The Portland Cello Project plays some sweet covers, let me tell you.

Crab after Hey Marseilles
Eat some late night crab. (I still don't really know how we ended up with crab wrapped in a napkin...mystery crab...)

I wish that were our campsite!
Can we talk about this view again? I wish that had been our campsite!

Picture of a picture
Picture of a picture. Thanks boyfriend.

Band in a Boat
Band in a boat. The Black Whales appeared to be recording something out on a sailboat...but the only way to get out was in a tiny dinghy. No instruments or cameras were harmed in the making of this recording.

No wonder my legs are horribly sunburnt...

Taking a Dip
Time for a toe dip.

Bubbles and kiddies
Happy little people.

The Fruit Bats
The Fruit Bats! (Can we talk about how cute the lead singer is? Please? On the left there? Ah, le sigh.)

We heart the Fruit Bats!
We heart the Fruit Bats!

The Head and the Heart
Late night acoustic amazingness from The Head and the Heart on the front porch of the Doe Bay General Store. I think I'm in love.

Ferry Rides are Fun
The perfect cure to a rum-soaked 5am wake up call...

Goodbye Orcas!
Goodbye Doe Bay, goodbye. I do hope to see you next year... (Boyfriend: hint hint.)


  1. Beautiful photos! I would love to go camping with that view .. usually the only thing you view around here is a skunk walking by your tent.

  2. Question! What campsite was not that nice? Trying to pick out a good one.

  3. Hi Claire! We got one of the very last car campsites and it was RIGHT by the road and wasn't even a real campsite...more like they cleared a bunch of brush away and dumped some dirt in the corner. Good luck and have fun! We're not going this year so I'm totally jealous. :(


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