I finally, finally get to share what I've been top-secretly crocheting these past couple of months!  I've been so excited to make these and get them in the shop, but it has taken some time as I have been working hard to get the patterns and sizes just right for the specific yarn and hook I've been using.  Now when I sit down to make these, all I have to do is decide what colors my hands feel like touching on that day.  I love streamlining things...then it's not like work, it's like playing with a box of crayons.  And I do so love boxes of crayons.

With much excitement and anticipation (and quite honestly, a teensy bit of jealousy; seriously, I want to keep them all) I give you...GRANNY HOOPS!

Classic Granny Hoops
I can't begin to tell you how obsessed I am with these.  Well, wait, I guess I have...I can't stop making them!  I can't stop driving nails into my tiny apartment's old walls and throwing a granny hoop up there to stand and stare at!  Boyfriend is even standing and staring with me!  We are obsessed!!!

I hear you asking, but Anna, whatever are they? Welp, they are glorified 'granny circles', handcrafted a moi, and attached to embroidery hoops of all sizes so you too can hang one on your wall and experience the mild obsessive nature of the granny hoop.

The wooden hoops have been found on my thrifting escapades with the boyfriend, so I feel like I can make a small contribution to the awesome 'upcycled/reused' handmade movement that is going on all over the place right now. I love it! It also means that not every hoop will be the same; some have the traditional 'turnkey' style of latching, others have the little spring loaded type of closure. Either way, they all look great together.

Black and Tan Granny Hoop Collection
They look cute in Pyrex. (But really, dirt would look cute in Pyrex...)

6 Inch Granny Hoop
They look cute on their own.

Black and Tan Granny Hoops
They look really cute in a group.

Surf Colors Granny Hoop Collection
They even look cute with lemons.

10 Inch Granny Hoop
The granny hoops come in all sorts of sizes and I can make them in pretty much any color combination you could think of. It really is like playing with a box of crayons...except in this case we're dealing with yarn. Even better. The hoop sizes range from a mere 3 inches (which is pretty much the cutest thing ever) to a whopping 14 inches.

I am hoping to have the first batch up in the Etsy shop by the end of tomorrow, and I have more in the works.  I don't have any of the really big hoops finished yet (they do tend to be a bit more time consuming) but I think those will be the next batch I work on.  The big designs make me think of really crazy, classic, colorful granny square afghans you see in your grandma's house...the ones you want to hate because they are just sooo crazy...but you can't.  They're too cool!


  1. ♥LOVE♥ They are really cute!!! The neutral with the greys, black, and white - WOW very eye catching. This will do fantastic on ETSY.

  2. So original! Wish I would have thought of it! Are you just using acrylic yarn?

  3. They look great! What a pretty way to use leftover yarn :)


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