The Road to Rainier

The Road to Rainier
Pick up Friend One and Friend Two from the airport.  Make your way toward the mountain...

Before the Sleet...
Hike straight up a hill and turn around to see what you missed on your way...

Jump and squeak and twirl because yes!  The wildflowers are still in bloom.

Stop and soak it all in.

It's Out!
Wait patiently for the swirling to stop.  You know it's under there somewhere...

Lupine Lunch
Lunch with the locals.

Mahalo Mount Rainier
Smile before the sleet arrives.  Then scurry down the hill to safety...

Camp Knitting
Squeeze in a bit of al fresco knitting, by camplight.

The Cure for a Long Hike
Come home and use your sore muscles and all your might to lift a giant beer glass to your lips, all as a reward for a Rainier weekend well done.


  1. What a fantastic weekend! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm headed to Rainier for Labor Day weekend...I'm even more excited after seeing your pictures!


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