They Say It's Your Birthday

And when it is your birthday, you receive presents.  But this year, not just any presents.  Parcels arrived to our pokey apartment door, inscribed with all the letters that make up my name.  Small, colorful packages were giddily displayed on the ottoman draped with a very cozy handknit blanket.  Fingers lightly sought out what might be inside...but then decided they do enjoy a good surprise, and quickly retreated.

One parcel was wrapped in a humble blue plastic bag, topped with a silly purple ribbon.  Ah, this one must be from Mumsy!  She does so loathe wrapping a present.  I wonder what might be inside...oh, those pesky fingers think it might be a book of some sort.  Hardbound.  Not too big.  Hm.  Ponder...

The Best Birthday Present

Happy little me had no idea that under the humble blue plastic bag lived my mother's tattered, used, loved, old copy of The French Chef CookbookI think I squeaked, then my jaw fell, then it closed.  Then it wavered.  Really?  For me?

On a recent epic two hour phone call (or perhaps it was three), I was blathering away to my mother, whose ear must have been warming from all my chatter, about watching The French Chef DVD collection from the library while crocheting oodles and gobs of Granny Hoops for ye olde Etsy Shoppe.  It only seemed appropriate to be watching something as crazy as Julia Child excitedly sawing off giant fish heads and jumping around a circa 1962 kitchen like water on a hot skillet while I plugged away at my kitschy little hoops.  Mumsy gave a bit of a giggle, and when asked why, she had a vague reply of: Oh, I just remember watching her and being enamored with her quirkiness!

Little did I know, Mumsy's well-loved copy of the companion cookbook to the television series was already slated for Operation Birthday 2010.

Thanks mom.

(Also, thanks dad for letting me steal your old film camera in high comes in handy when I want to take real pictures, with real film, in real black and white, of really neat things.)

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I received s Julia Child cookbook for my birthday this year too! Must be the year of the Julia. Hope you post some recipes you make from it.


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