The Time Has Come...

It is Time finally break down and buy some Impossible Project film.  Our Polaroid collection has grown by leaps and bounds, yet we have no film to play with anymore.  Mumsy even has a few vintage snappers to send me from my Grandmother's famed collection.  I feel it my duty to keep the family's instant film dreams alive!

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, but really, didn't you shed a tear (or ten) when you heard Polaroid stopped making film?  Yeah, me too.  


  1. I know my eyes watered when I heard that news. My son recently found a Polaroid picture of me from middle school and asked what was wrong with the picture. Oh the signs of old age setting in on me.

  2. I thought it was possibly coming *sigh* the meantime, we have our collection displayed on top the wainscoting. If we can't look through them, we might as well look AT them.

  3. At home, sifting through cupboards and boxes, I always find oodles and gobs of REALLY old family Polaroid pictures from when my grandma was young and it's like, really Polaroid? You're going to stop making that stuff NOW?! It's an institution!

    I have not heard that the film may be coming back?! I'll wait patiently for that day to come, and support The Impossible Project in the meantime. They're trying to do a good thing, which is so cool!


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