Sailor Granny Hoops
Just thought I'd pop in here to let you all know the brand new Granny Hoops are in the Etsy shop...just in time for me to leave this weekend! Ah, I have such good timing with things. Although, I would hope some of you can forgive me, as this is my birthday weekend and we are going on an excursion: a ferry ride that snakes between forested islands, sleeping al fresco, perhaps a dip in the water, and a whole lot of wonderful music all await me on an island said to be shaped like an aquatic mammal.

So if anyone feels compelled to snap up a Granny Hoop or two (or a Skipjack...or a Kerchief) while I am gone, not to worry, ye olde Etsy Shoppe will be open for business...I just won't be able to process any orders until I am back in front of my computer on Monday morning.

If you happen to find yourself on an island shaped like an aquatic mammal this weekend, I'll be the girl knitting the colorful blanket, sipping some contraband gin, and wearing a ridiculously floppy sunhat.  Ta ta for now...

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