Another Road to Another Mountain

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Mount Saint Helens...

Singed might be convinced you have landed on the moon.

Windy Ridge Men
Pumice lined paths show you where to go...

Mount Saint Helens
Windy, barren vistas spread out before you.  Small signs of new, green life emerge from the dust...

Permit Only
...only a shadow of what it once was.

Huckleberry Road
Turn a corner and the view has changed. Huckleberries and crickets welcome you off your spaceship to the moon.

Chicken and Jo-Jos
Return to civilization and refuel...

The Business Case more ways than one.


  1. I have some photos that look EXACTLY the same as yours - but we were at St Helens on a much cloudier day. I'm working on my post of my St Helens/Rainier weekend now...slowly but surely because I'm supposed to be doing the work I'm paid to do :)

  2. hi. where did you get that travel cocktail kit? i so want one. please don't say the thrift store, i've had no luck finding one in nola. people hang on to their cocktail accoutrements.


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