Hello, Goodbye

Hello Rainclouds

Hello to grey rain clouds; goodbye to peachy sunshine.
Hello to warm pots of cinnamon spiked tea; goodbye to tea steeped in a sunbeam.
Hello to cozy cashmere wrapped up to my chin; goodbye to cotton sundresses.

Goodbye Summer

Hello to squeaky rain boots; goodbye to airy sandals.
Hello to steamy soups of lentils and squash and apples and spice; goodbye to salads of snap peas and herbs and nectarines and strawberries.
Hello to crisp air sneaking through my window panes; goodbye to rays of light streaking across my old creaky floor.

Hello Autumn; goodbye Summer.  Until next year. 


  1. summer in seattle is over already?! oh, so short and sweet.

  2. I love fall and spring here in New England but it's great to read what it's like for other parts of the country.

  3. No ma'am, summer is not quite over here in Florida! It'll be hot for a while. By the way, cuuute blog. Found you from the archive dive!

  4. Hello from Ana's Archive Dive...fantastic photos and words to go with!

    Hello Happy Fall!

  5. oh i love this! beautiful words and photos. that first one is breath-taking!


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