Operation: Get Thee to the Craft Fair

Operation 'Get Thee to the Craft Fair'
Operation: Get Thee to the Craft Fair. It has begun.

  • Ipod: check
  • Giant Headphones: check
  • Computer for random internet/finding new blog breaks: check
  • Very entertaining Steller's Jay in the tree to amuse me when things start to get monotonous: check
  • 'Wall of Granny Hoop Shame' in front of your face so you remember what not to do when 'hooping': check.  (Okay, not so much 'Wall of Shame', but perhaps 'Wall of the first few you made that look a bit wonky and strange'.  Or, 'Wall that I'd be really embarrassed to sell because things didn't go quite right, but I still love every stitch I made so I will keep them...and pretend it's not just an excuse to keep them...')
I think I'm good!


  1. I think they're lovely!

  2. thanks for the Steller's Jay link

  3. Good luck at the Craft Fair. Dad

  4. Lovely little space! Such beautiful colors. And those hoops! Amazing.

  5. What a cozy craft corner! I love everything in this shot!

    Stopping by from "I Made it So"!

  6. i agree, lovely little corner! thanks for sharing it with us.


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