Over the River and Through the Woods

Fall City Farm
As I hinted in my last post, boyfriend and I had a bit of a jaunt this past weekend.  Being spontaneous is (sadly) neither of our strong points.  So putting on our farm clothes, packing the car with vegetable bags, crochet, and fishing gear at 2 o'clock on a Saturday...well, let's just say that doesn't really happen very often.  Unless of course we've had it in permanent marker on the calendar for weeks. 

What I did...
We hopped into our trusty steed (4Runner), went over hill and dale (a mere 30 minutes on I-90), and arrived at one of our favorite spots: Fall City Farm.

Cucumber Pickin'
Visitors are invited-no, emphatically encouraged really-to grab pitchfork and trowel and go to town out in the rows of bountiful veggies.  Boyfriend braved the tangled mass of cucumber and squash vines while I took pictures of plants.  I'm so helpful sometimes.

Hello Mister
Cows, goats, chickens, donkeys, and farm dogs are all there if you feel like having a close chat with any of them. The veggies are organic, the staff is immensely friendly, and the prices are refreshingly low. The cider press is always active this time of year, as is the outdoor cider doughnut station. The pumpkin patches were just blushing orange and we weren't allowed to visit them, but word around the farm was that they would be ready to visit and pick soon.

In the Fields
This is the part where I pretend I'm a kale plant... (Again, so helpful.)

I encourage anyone and everyone to visit a local farm once in awhile. Not only does it help support local agriculture (which is a good thing), but it really connects you to your food and reminds you that oh right, vegetables don't actually materialize at your local grocery store: they come from a farm, from the ground, from a tiny seed. For those of us who yearn for a vegetable garden of their own, it is rather invigorating. The fire escape just doesn't work so well...especially with the pesky resident squirrels sabotaging all my botanical efforts.

It is especially refreshing if you're allowed to swan about in the fields as I did, in your farm-appropriate plaid shirt and big brown boots, wandering up and down the rows, exclaiming over the kale, rainbow chard, and aromatic red onions, talking to all the wee vegetables as you loosen them from their earthly breeding grounds.

What did we do with our hand-picked cornucopia? Well, I'm saving that story for next time...

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