Rainy Daybreak

All I seem to be talking about around here lately is crochet.  Crocheted Skipjack Cowls.  The crocheted Kerchief Series.  Crocheted Granny Hoops.  All crochet, all the time.

But.  Not all the time.

Rainy Daybreak Shawl
All of these volcanic excursions and epic camping trips we've been on means I get to sit somewhere in the middle of the woods with a pair of tiny knitting needles and a ball of lightweight yarn and make something pour moi.

I don't have to think about how to make it work.

I don't have to figure out if this stitch will look better here, or if this increase will look better there.

I just get to knit.  And follow someone else's pattern, not figure it out as I go along.  It is rather enjoyable.  One might say it is a yarn person's vacation.  Because honestly, yarn people can't go anywhere without yarn, even if yarn is your business.

Very aptly named The Daybreak Shawl, designer Stephen West has created an instant hit around here in the pokey little apartment.  Watching the stripes change as another row was knit was (embarrassingly) sometimes the highlight of my evening, whether around a campfire, at a ball game, or on the couch at home.

Oh hello.
I named my version of the shawl the Rainy Daybreak when I cast on for it back in May...which is a little creepy, since yesterday (when boyfriend trudged out to the parking lot with me so I could ham around with my new shawl) was the first day that really felt like Autumn around here.  I awoke to...well, a rainy daybreak: pouring rain; a certain bite to the air; and the particular sound of sleepy people driving their cars in the half light, over pavement wet with rain.

Don't tell anyone, but I might be the only person in Seattle who is fondly waving goodbye to Summer and whipping herself right around and running towards Fall...with yarn and needles in hand.


  1. I do love fall, but the fact that I have to say bye to summer makes me sad. Love the shawl :)


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