It is Monday and I've popped over with two things as promised: a very big announcement for moi and my fledgling business and a little preview of some dandy new things coming off of the hooks and needles!

Let me just clear my throat before the big announcement..........ahem.  Ah, there.  Oh boy this is so exciting!  Okay, here goes:

I have been informed that I was accepted into San Francisco's Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale!!!  In December!  The 18th and 19th!  Egads!  I feel like I gave all you beautiful readers an accurate picture of how excited I was when I found out I nabbed a spot in Seattle's Urban Craft Uprising...so just multiply that by about one bizillion and you'll know how I'm feeling right now! 

But I'm also feeling a tad bit freaked out, I must admit, because I am doing not one but TWO amazing Holiday craft fairs in the span of....two weeks.  And these will be my first two craft shows.  You know that feeling on a roller coaster where your stomach goes way up into your throat then drops about a foot back down to where it belongs?  Yeah.  I've got that going on right now.  But you know what?  I am SO excited to get out there and set up my little booth, decorate it a la moi, and interact with tons of happy holiday shoppers.  If any of you blog readers happen to live in San Francisco or Seattle, please stop by the respective fairs and say hi!  I'd love to meet you! 

Hoops and...?
Some of the things you'll be seeing in my little booth (and eventually on Etsy) are still in the early stages, like a couple of really cozy and really decadent knits for your neck (in the upper right there...oooh), along with a few more colorways in the Granny Hoop collection!  This collection is the preliminary color test for a garden-inspired group: blue cornflowers, pink dahlias, yellow daisies and a big blue sky with puffy white clouds above.  Now that's somewhere I'd like to sit for awhile.  I love the three hoops on the right but I'm not so sure about the two on the left.  I feel like they're just a little...meh.

More Ornaments!
And of course, no holiday craft booth would be complete without a bit of holiday cheer!

An Atomic Christmas
In the works are some teeny tiny three and four inch Granny Hoop Ornaments in kitschy Christmas colors that I am having so much fun making!  I'm planning a little bit of an Atomic Christmas corner in my booth...I'm picturing shades of silver, mint green, peppermint stick red, and sparkly white; basically your classic 1950's shades of an Atomic Age Christmas. 

I have a few more ideas up my sleeves that I hope I can work out before December, so there is a lot of work to be done in the coming weeks.  I have visions of giant bows, garlands, pom-poms and tinsel trees dancing in my head.  Now if I can only get them out of there and onto my hooks and needles for all to enjoy!


  1. Congrats!!!!! I am planning my craft fairs for next year ... Hope you do a blog about your first craft fair booth :).

    Loving the granny hoop ornaments!

  2. Just nipped in from A Thrifty Mrs...... lovely blog you have here. :)

    Whoop Whooo, Congratulations, YAY on your craft fairs. :)

    Enjoy every minute. :)

  3. yeeee! can't wait to see you in SF!
    *there is also a wee chance pete and i will be working renegade for a friend of ours based in queens (who might not be able to make it out to peddle her wares)!!*

  4. I want lots and lots of visitors! I've been sitting behind this computer trying to peddle my wares for too long, this will be a lovely and refreshing change of pace! :)


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