Happy, Thrifty Thoughts

Happy and new Pyrex basking in the afternoon sunlight.

Thrifty Christmas
Our new and ridiculously amazing vintage Christmas tablecloth. (Can we talk about those pom-poms? Seriously?!)

Matching Day
The fact that boyfriend and I woke up yesterday morning and not only put on matching shoes and jeans...

We are Nerds
...but matching heather grey tees and black fleeces, to boot. And we actually left the apartment together dressed in this ridiculous manner before we realized our blunder.  And we thought it was so funny that we took a picture of it.

That is a bonafide piece of Pink Gooseberry Pyrex AND it's in lovely condition AND it happens to be a big honkin' mixing bowl.  And I love it.  (I also love my new Granny Hoop colorways I'm working on, they're so bright and happy!)

What's this?!
This leads me to the last two of our most recent thrifting rewards...I'm not sure if one of them is better than the other. I'm quite passionate about both, really. So passionate that upon seeing lime green Pyrex dishes at our last stop this weekend, these two bedraggled thrifters got all buggy-of-eye and both started jumping and squeaking about...until the poor girl putting away the new housewares backed up a few steps, gave us a twisty grin, and asked 'If everything was going okay for us today'....

Lime Green Dishes!
What I wanted to say in reply was: Why yes, yes INDEED it is going okay for us today.  Don't you see?!  You just put out eleven saucers, four teacups, nine salad plates, and eight dinner plates in lime green Pyrex of near perfect condition.  But instead I looked at her with even buggier-of-eyes and said: Yeah, thanks, um, how much are these, they aren't priced, I need to know.  NOW.  I think she understood.

Best. Find. Ever.
Okay, so maybe I did save the best for last. Boyfriend and I always always always hunt for amazing paint-by-numbers when at the thrifts or antique malls.  You would think we would run into quite a few, but we don't.  I think the best I have seen (until now) was a Last Supper paint-by-numbers, quite small, quite lovely, but upwards of $75.  No thanks.  These three gems were sort of a pretty penny, but boyfriend and I both agreed that:

a. It is best not to break up what appears to be a set (although the shopkeeper said they arrived separately...hmm).
b. The sort of pretty penny we paid is worth it because the person who painted these actually did a bang up job.  (And the subject matter is not a freakishly puffy white kitten, clown, or dolphin.)
c. The paint-by-numbers I started a couple of months ago has not been worked on in...a couple of months.

Now I just need to find a place to put them...which may be a bit of a pokey little problem...

What lovely finds have you brought home with you lately?  Do share!


  1. Love the pyrex dishes they are a score!!!! I also have the big pink mixing bowl and love it!!!! Do you use your pyrex?
    Also way to go on the paint by number paintings - I know how hard they are to find. I found roses not to long ago and I think I did that jumping and squeaking dance your boyfiend and you did.
    ~♥~ Amanda

  2. I love all of these SO much! Especially the plates. I have gray, pink, and turquoise, but no green and I think they are my fave.

    Nice work!

  3. I haven't taken a picture yet, but I found the most wonderful crochet pattern book yesterday I'm not a huge thrifter but have been falling more in love lately. I had had a copy of a Better Homes and Gardnes crochet pattern book several years ago and lost it midway through a project. That was a sad day. But yesterday was a super happy day - I found the same book for fifty cents at a thrift store! Yay! Now I can finish the project...if I still have it...

  4. I love, love that Pyrex lime green dinnerware!! Love those bowls too!!


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