Today I had every intention of doing a 'What's New Coming Off the Hooks and Needles' post...but being away from home for a whopping TEN days threw me into a bit of a tailspin upon my happy return.

And I received some very very very exciting news, which some of you already know about...but I'm saving that big announcement for next week.

Harmony School
So in the meantime, I shall leave you with a haunting image of something I found quietly resting on a corner near my hometown.  If any location ever deserved the name 'middle of nowhere', this is it.  In between oak trees, persimmon groves, and grape vineyards near the tiny town of Poplar, California, this eerie and lonely facade came out of nowhere on an afternoon drive.  I jumped out of the crisply air-conditioned car to the quiet sound of crickets, a rustle of wind, and the familiar smell of warm dirt.  Not a single car drove by during my little exploration.  I almost thought I had been planted into a Steinbeck novel...

Until my Blackberry buzzed in my pocket and I was instantly transported back to 2010.  Ah, progress.


  1. That's a great picture ... looks peaceful in a way.

  2. hi! i just popped over from the pyrex board...i haven't read your previous entries so i can't imagine what the exciting news is. but i'll be back to find out! keeping us hanging like this ;)

    the photo is very cool, and your description too.

    "ah progress" indeed...

    happy weekend,

  3. OMG i want this to be my wedding altar so so bad!!!


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