Christmas Craft Prep

Things are starting to get somewhat more than crazy around here in Victory Garden Yarn-land!  Be prepared for spotty blog posts in the coming weeks...and I do apologize in advance if they make absolutely no sense.  My brain is a wee bit scrambled at the moment.

Army of Ornaments
(My Army of Ornaments is coming together...)

For my readers out there who are fellow crafty business people who have not done a craft show before (like myself), let me just tell you that right now I am more than excited but also totally, silently, inwardly, completely freaking out.  There are so many little things to think of and remember to do, buy, source, make, fill out, submit.  If this wasn't my first time doing a craft show (wait, make that two craft shows), I probably wouldn't have nearly as many things to do, but right now I have about 18 different lists floating around the pokey little apartment.

(And eventually there will be a bit of an 'Atomic Christmas' photo shoot featuring the Army of Ornaments...)

I'm waiting for my first GIANT order of yarn from a bonafide supplier and not the chain craft store down the street.  I received 2400 business cards and 400 hang tags in the post over the weekend, which I had to sort and re-package because they were NOT packed very well and I opened the box to a muddled mess of tiny cards.  I had to break down and purchase 84 new and tiny embroidery hoops to make my (super super cute) Granny Hoop Ornaments, because I anticipate selling quite a lot of these, especially after all the positive comments after I gave you all a sneak peek!  (And I highly doubt I will find 84 tiny embroidery hoops at the thrifts between now and December.)  I FINALLY struck gold and found 17 large embroidery hoops at the thrifts over the weekend for the larger Granny Hoops.  Boyfriend and I devoted an entire day last week to sourcing the booth items-thank heavens for Ikea.  There is just a whole heck of a lot going on!

Head Shot
(But first I had to take a few pictures to submit as my teeny tiny Renegade SF vendor icon...)

So I'll be popping in from time to time with little updates over the coming weeks.  I am quite excited about my newest neckwear design that will be released once my giant yarn order shows up and I can get all of the colors knit up and photographed for ye olde Etsy shoppe.  It falls somewhere between a cowl and a collar...and there are pom-poms involved.  Yes!


  1. Love the pic you are submitting! You are beautiful and the colors just POP! So excited for you!

  2. Gosh those ornaments are pretty!!!

  3. Love the bottom image! It's a nice take on the embroidery hoop fabric "swatches" that are everywhere these days. I'm starting to panic a little about the nearness of Christmas. It's getting ever-closer, and I don't even have Gift One finished!

    Sweetfern Handmade

  4. Thanks all! I figured the brighter the better for that bottom gets re-sized down to the size of an actual thumbnail. And I want to stand out! :)

  5. Forehead and chin/ look like a "Schrage" girl! Are you sure we're not related??? Spooky!


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