Railyard Snow
Most people think it only rains in Seattle...well, it snows, too.  Only once or twice a year and never very much, but when it does snow the entire city shuts down.  I know, I know, a lot of you good people who are reading this are from those snowy, chilly states where snow is just an everyday occurrence come Winter.  But around these parts there are hills and bridges and crazy highways and did I say hills?  And a 'city snow plan' that is constantly revised but never seems to work: so mass pandemonium and streets that turn into skating rinks are left behind once the heavy snow clouds blow away.  It's...interesting.

Snow at Home
I awoke this morning to the sounds of ice breaking off the windows and plops of snow falling off our apartment gutters.  Cars have been careening down our little street, which lies at the base of a very big hill (one even did a 360 in the process).  The wind chill is hovering somewhere around ten degrees.  People have had their power out for hours.  Buses and semi trucks are jackknifing on all the major highways and biways.  Brave people (like boyfriend) are bundling up and carefully making their way to their bus stops to try and get to work.  It's just a little bit of a mess out there!

I've been constantly thinking how thankful I am to have ancient baseboard heaters that work really well.  Snow boots that stick to the ground.  Warm blankets on my bed.  Plenty of handmade scarves and hats and gloves and socks to keep me cozy.  My power is still on.  My coffee is hot.  In this traditional 'week of thanks' all of these things give me a gentle reminder that I should always be very grateful for what I have.

So I ask, wherever you are, snowstorm or not, what are you grateful for?


  1. I am grateful in general.

  2. I am SO grateful to have YOU in my life Anna Banana!

  3. We got a tiny bit of snow and a ton of ice in the mid-Willamette Valley too. I grew up in Central Oregon so snow and bad roads don't phase me and I watch the news just to laugh at the ridiculous-ness of Portland drivers...even though it's really not funny. If you don't know how to drive on bad roads (and there's nothing wrong with not knowing), stay at home, people!

    Anyway...rant over. I'm thankful that we finally figured out how to make our new house (which is actually an old house, just new to us) stay warm. We were literally sitting on the couch under down blankets for a week or so because the heaters weren't working. They work now, and for that, I'm very thankful.

  4. I am thankful your boyfriend has such good taste in a woman and that YOU see HIS wonderful qualities. :>

  5. Oh I have to say thank you for getting our snow - it's usually us in Connecticut that get it fist. I am also grateful that I have a loving family.

  6. Hello from Ana's Archive Dive ~ Seattle is a place we would really enjoy visiting one day!
    There is so much to be thankful for in this life...thank you for a lovely post

  7. I love your list of thankfulness . . . we are in monsoon season here in India and I am thankful for a roof overhead and walls that don't leak. A second pair of shoes for when the first ones get wet. An umbrella with wind vents. Hot tea. The whole wonderful world.

  8. i really enjoyed this anna... and yes, we get big snow storms here so in relation, that is just a little dusting. but, those out east of us think we're big wimps because they get storms that bury houses! it's all relative and what you're used to and what infrastructure the city or town has in place to deal with it. now thankfulness? that's universal and there is always so much to be thankful for. thank YOU for sharing yours.


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