Making Christmas

Atomic Christmas 1
Yesterday it was so lovely and therapeutic to take an afternoon and decorate a loaned out staircase in an Atomic Christmas fashion...

Atomic Christmas 2
I cracked open our tubs of Christmas decorations and pulled out some appropriate items...which was rather fun since they didn't get cracked at all last year due to crazy holiday travelling. The pokey little apartment missed out on it's usual Christmas overload. And that was only slightly depressing in itself.

Atomic Christmas 5
I realized that one thing I miss about my former life as fun, fancy boutique manager is the annual holiday store window overhaul.  (I think this one was my favorite...)

Atomic Christmas 4
I also realized that a lot of my normal everyday pokey little apartment items make quite fetching holiday decorations!

Atomic Christmas 3
The best part about my little Atomic Christmas photo shoot is that all six styles of ornaments are now available in Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe!!!  Take a peek and let me know what you think!


  1. Lovely!!! I see that boy that matches my girl :)

  2. "fetching"! what a great word. and those are such neat decorations! i recently used embroidery hoops to make halloween decor.. but how cute they look hanging off that tree there. off to peek at your etsy shoppe...


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