A Mid-Winter's Wander

Sometimes, seemingly endless daylight hours of wet drips and drizzle make a clear, crisp, quiet Winter's day seem like a snow day...without the snow.  Yesterday I doffed a hand-knit hat and cowl (in cashmere, of course), my coziest of cozies, and braved the slowly dropping mercurial readings and traipsed up to the tippity-top of the giant hill on whose base I dwell.  At the top of the stairs, instead of turning around and soaking in the typical Emerald City view, I was quite stunned into stopping and staring at an old tree...without her leafy makeup, glowing in the orangey rays of the setting sun.

I took my hilltop wander to the West.  There I found the orange-hued culprit and yet another tree missing her makeup, resting in shadow.  I wonder what lies just beyond those clouds...  I wonder where that empty ship came from...  I wonder.

I turned around to head toward hallowed halls of books and rich, roasty coffee, and on my merry way I stumbled upon yet another tree.  But this one appeared to have remembered to apply her rouge, for her branches were swathed in a rosy pink.

Funny what you notice in the fading Winter light...idn't it?


  1. Breath taking! Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  2. Beautiful photos, Anna! Glad you're finally able to take time to relax your eyes from staring at stitches, uncrimp your fingers from around a hook or needle, and appreciate what's been evolving outside your window for the past several months. Happy New Year!

  3. I know that walk very well. We share the same neighborhood! Thanks for the beautiful photos and knitting.


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